UK Trip : Oxford Street and Marble Arch

 We arrived in London at around 7.30am local time. Upon checking in at Premier's Inn,where we stayed for 3 nights, we immediately started our discover London 'adventure' *wink*. We stayed near the King Cross St. Pancras train station (about 5 min walk from our hotel).

Our first destination was Oxford Street. Oxford Street is home to major department stores and numerous brands' flagship stores, as well as hundreds of smaller shops. It is the major shopping street in central London, though not the most expensive or fashionable, and part of a larger shopping district with Regent Street, Bond Street and other smaller nearby streets.

Kids were excited as they experienced their first Tube ride there (well it was the first time for me, hubby and my sisters too). My sisters were in awe as we reached there. All fimiliar brands back home are here. With a long list in their hands (form friends and colleagues) they shop from door to door.

What did I buy? Well...I bought some souvenirs from a souvenir stall there. Yup! 1st day there and I was buying souvenirs already hahaha. It was at a good price too. Bought some quality key chains, fridge magnets...hmm..the typical souvenirs :). They were sold at 5pounds for 5 or 1.25p for 1. I was glad I bought them there because after that, I could not find any other shop in London or outside of London that sells key chains that cheap. They were all sold at 10pound for 5 or 4 pcs at other places.

We went back to the hotel at around 4pm. It was still bright. Sun sets at 9pm in Summer. however most shops closes at 6pm. But there were a few that closes at 9pm. Kids were flat by the time we got back. We ate kebabs we bought for lunch and soon after that, all were asleep. Woke them up at 12am for some snacks and dinner then force them to go to bed again so they can be fresh and fully recharge the next morning.It was kind of hard at first. Though it was 12am in London, in Malaysia it was 8am, LOL. Alhamdulillah, kids adjusted to the time difference fast.

On the second day, we took a tour around London City on the Big Bus Tour. We started our tour at Marble Arch. We experienced some showers during the tour. Made a few stops along the tour at a few London's famous landmarks and tourist spots..such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and went to Sealife as well.

Next entry : Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Sealife, London.


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Sure happy gila budak2 dgn mak budak tu kan !!! bestnya ....


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Happy..happy..happy ;)